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How often should I maintain my garage door?

On average, garage doors should be maintained every year. Though, if the garage system is pretty old, it should be maintained twice a year. It would depend on its condition and all factors affecting it. Our professionals point out that electric garage door openers – especially sensors – should be maintained more often.

How do I open the door manually?

Garage doors open manually when the electric garage door opener is disengaged. It's usually best to unplug it, too. In order to disconnect it, you should pull the emergency release cord. For most electric operators, you just need to pull the cord downwards and perhaps a bit towards the garage door opener unit.

Do I need to replace both springs when one breaks?

It is practical to replace both springs even if one breaks. Having one broken spring replaced can cause the other one to become improperly balanced. This can lead to other problems with the operation of your garage door.

Are glass windows recommended for garage doors?

Glass windows are helpful if you want to illuminate your garage with natural light from the outside. They are also great if you want to see what's going on outside without having to open the garage door. If you're a rather private person, then you could have frosted glass windows installed or even frosted decals put on your clear glass windows to protect your privacy.

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