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These tips will help you choose the right garage door materials and openers and make your life easier

Use exterior-grade paint for painting garage doors

This type of paint is resistant to water and provides effective protection to panels of steel and wood garage doors from corrosion and decay respectively. These types of doors have to be repainted annually in order to stay in good condition in the long term according to our experts.

Apply weather stripping immediately after garage door installation

Most garage doors sold at present come with a bottom seal, but you should also install weather strips on the sides and at the top of the door, if appropriate. In this way, the door will be fully protected from damage caused by moisture, dust, and dirt. The weather stripping must be of good quality.

Avoid using any physical garage door locks along with the opener

This is essential since running the opener when the door is locked will most likely cause damage to the device and to other components of the door system. If you plan to lock your garage door manually, you should disconnect the opener first. This is an effective security measure to take when you plan to be away from home for longer.

Always wait for the door to fully open

Some times in the rush of the morning or late hours of the evenings, we don't pay attention. We need to leave as soon as possible, or eager to come home and rest. These couple of seconds your door is taking to open might look drastic, but you should never underestimate it. Don't rush inside or outside, since you might run into the panels – and this is going to be expensive.

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